Adolescence counselling

Adolescence counselling

Teenage years can be challenging. Adolescents struggle to form their own identity while coping with peer pressure, physical changes, fluctuating emotions, and mature choices and decisions. Some insecurity, conflict, limits testing and mood fluctuation is normal. However, when these become persistent or destructive, your teenager may need additional help. Therapy can help your teenager and your entire family gets back on track.

As a parent, you may also want to understand how to work with your teenager, to both support and facilitate their success while managing harmful behaviors and communication patterns. Therapy can help parents develop effective strategies to create more peace and support at home. This may involve you in sessions directly with your teenager or meet separately for parenting support depending on the needs of your family. I also recognize that it is important for your young person to have space to process their struggles independently and come up with their own strategies and coping skill.

Therapy can be an important factor to help your teenager cope with difficult emotions, identify unhelpful thinking patterns, build self-confidence and self-respect, and grow and mature. Learning tools now can prevent more serious problems from developing and benefit young people in adult years as well.

Through therapy, root causes will be explored and realistic goals set so that positive changes can be made. This may include changing destructive or problematic behaviors, learning effective communication and problem-solving skills, and building self-esteem. By understanding root causes, symptoms can be reduced while developing a solid sense of self.

Therapy can also help reduce conflicts in the family and help your teenager learn how to cope with difficult emotions and situations in a healthy and productive way. This can be an invaluable tool as the young person is faced with more challenging and stressful situations. This can also impact the family as a whole as young person learns the impact of behavior on others