Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential support service available to assist employees with any difficulties or challenges they are experiencing at that particular time.

The purpose of an EAP is to provide employees with access to confidential counselling and information services to assist in dealing with a broad range of issues such as personal, work, financial or legal issues.

When employees are worried or concerned, it helps to have someone who will listen. When that person is a skilled counsellor or a specialist in a particular area, then you are taking the first step to resolving these worries or concerns.

Apart from receiving support, you will discover your own strengths, skills and resources.

EAP can assist your employees with difficulties in any of these areas:

  • Family issues
  • General information queries
  • Work related issues
  • Financial matters
  • Emotional concerns
  • Legal matters
  • Relationship difficulties

Are your staff members in need of some help in furthering their career or perhaps your company is in a period of transition? This may involve some life changes for your employees either through redeployment or even redundancy. All change in this regard involves a loss and this may be an emotional or traumatic time for those individuals who are involved.

Your counsellors have the necessary experience of guiding people through this difficult time as individuals and in a group situation by providing both one to one counselling and training/facilitation services to your employees. In addition to counselling we can provide training around their career such as skills identification, job search techniques, interview skills and preparation, presentation skills and other personal development elements as required